Reading Capital and For Marx: 50 years later

Reading Capital and For Marx: 50 years later

Volume 2, issue 2, 23-11-2015

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza



Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon HamzaPDF


Table of Contents

Althusser and “Communism”

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Althusser’s Best Tricks

by Robert PfallerPDF

Celebrating Althusser’s Legacy

by Fernanda Navarro PDF

The Interpellated Subject: Beyond Althusser and Butler

by Jacques Bidet PDF

The Concept of Structural Causality in Althusser

by Vittorio Morfino PDF

What Colour is Theoreticism? Faust Reading Althusser

by Natalia Romé PDF

On Althusser on Science, Ideology, and the New, or Why We Should Continue to Read Reading Capital

by Geoff Pfeifer PDF

Is There Less Bullshit in For Marx than in Reading Capital?

by William Lewis PDF

Althusserianism and Value-form Theory: Rancière, Althusser and the Question of Fetishism

by Panagiotis Sotiris PDF

Althusser and the Problem of Historical Individuality

by Ted Stolze PDF

Humanity, That Sickness: Louis Althusser and The Helplessness of Psychoanalysis

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Fidelity that is not Interpellation: Reading Althusser’s Misreadings

by Agon Hamza PDF

On Althusser

by Roger EstabletPDF

Interview with Pierre Macherey

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Note to Contributors PDF

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