Politics and Theology Today

Politics and Theology Today

Volume 2, issue 1, 2015-02-09

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza



Introduction, by Frank Ruda & Agon HamzaPDF


Table of Contents

Some Thoughts on the Divine Ex-istence

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Confucius and Chairman Mao: Towards a Study of Religion and Chinese Marxism

by Roland BoerPDF

Psychoanalysis, Religion, Love

by Lorenzo Chiesa PDF

What is Left to Imagine: The Privation of the Absolute

by Felix Ensslin PDF

A prolegomena to an Emancipatory Reading of Islam

by Sead Zimeri PDF

What Christians need no longer defend: The political stakes of considering antinomianism
as central to the practice and history of theology

by Colby Dickinson PDF

Revisiting a Marxist Encounter with Spinoza:
Alexandre Matheron on Militant Reason and The Intellectual Love of God

by Ted Stolze PDF

Political Theology and Comedy: Žižek through Rose Tinted Glasses

by Marcus Pound PDF

The Comedy of the Great Depression: On Chaplin’s Modern Times

by Simon Hajdini PDF

Hegelian Christology: From Kojève to Žižek

by Gabriel Tupinambá PDF

Fichte in Reverse: From Onto-theology to Materialist Ontology

by Lidija Šumah PDF

The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Legitimacy: On the Roots Future of Political Theology

by Adam Kotsko PDF

Mysticism as Radical Political Action

by Catherine TomasPDF

Spirit and Utopia: (German) Idealism as Political Theology

by Kirill Chepurin PDF

Romanticism, Marxism and Religion in the “Principle of Hope” of Ernst Bloch

by Michael Löwy PDF


Review Articles

J.Read: Initiation a la philosophie pour les non-philosophes, by Louis Althusser PDF

Note to Contributors PDF

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