Politics and Melancholia

Politics and Melancholia

Volume 3, issue 2, 05-09-2016

Edited by Justin Clemens & Dominiek Hoens



Introduction by Justin Clemens & Dominiek HoensPDF

Table of Contents

Melancholia and Destruction: Brushing Walter Benjamin’s “Angel of History” Against the Grain

by Sami Khatib PDF

Hypochondria and Its Discontents, or, the Geriatric Sublime

by Rebecca ComayPDF

Controlled Melancholy: How to Purely Love Political Power

by Marc De Kesel PDF

The King is Tired. A Few Notes About Politics, Theatre and Melancholy

by Karel Vanhaesebrouck PDF

Small Anatomy of Political Melancholy

by Lieven De Cauter PDF

The Failed Politician Melancholia, Crisis and Political Agency

by Klaas Tindemans PDF

Notes on a Deleuzean Theory of Melancholia: Object, Cinema, World

by Jon Roffe PDF

Black Bile/Pale Fire: Benjaminian Allegory and Nabokovian Melancholy

by Sigi Jöttkandt PDF

Melancholegalism: Black Letter Theory and the Temporality of Law

by Peter Goodrich PDF

The Happy Melancholic

by Alexi KukuljevicPDF


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