Critique of Political Economy

Critique of Political Economy

Volume 3, issue 3, 16-11-2016

Edited by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza



Introduction by Frank Ruda & Agon HamzaPDF


Table of Contents

A Marxian Critique of Neoclassical Economics’ Reliance on Shadows of Capital’s Constitutive Social Forms

by Dennis Badeen & Patrick Murray PDF

Marx after Hegel: Capital as totality and the centrality of production

by Riccardo BellofiorePDF

Capital: A Critical Theory?

by Jacques Bidet PDF

The Beast and the Universal: Hegel’s Critique of Political Economy

by Ivan Boldyrev PDF

The “Capital ” after the MEGA: Discontinuities, Interruptions and New Beginnings

by Michael Heinrich PDF

How to Read Capital in the Twenty-First Century

by Campbell Jones PDF

Capital as Spirit

by Kojin Karatani PDF

Creativity vs. Unskilled Labour: Kant on Class Struggle

by Ognian Kassabov PDF

How Not to Evaluate the Relevance of Marx’s Capital

by Andrew Kliman PDF

The Critique of Political Economy and the ‘New Dialectic’: Marx, Hegel and the Problem of Christopher J. Arthur’s ‘Homology Thesis’

by Elena Louisa LangePDF

The Economic Catastrophe as a Passionate Event

by Frédéric Lordon PDF

Marx’s Destruction of the Inner World: from the Colonial Internalisation of the Psyche to the Critique of the Psychological Roots of Political Economy

by David Pavón Cuéllar PDF

Radicalizing the Root: The Return of Philosophical Anthropology to the Critique of Political Economy

by Jason ReadPDF

Mapping the Abstract Essence of Concrete Existence: An Analysis of the Privative Form of Value, an Overdetermined Category

by Frank SmeckerPDF

Journeying on the Roads Not Taken: The Possessive Individual, the Commons and Marx

by Massimiliano Tomba PDF

Economic crises, historical regression and social conflicts: an essay

by Raquel Varela and Valério ArcaryPDF

Capitalist Bulimia: Lacan on Marx and crisis

by Fabio VighiPDF

The ‘Ideal Total Capitalist’: On the State-Form in the Critique of Political Economy

by Gavin Walker PDF

Phenomenology of Value: Badiou and Marx

by Yuan Yao PDF

Can One Exit from The Capitalist Discourse Without Becoming a Saint?

by Slavoj ŽižekPDF

Interview with Moishe Postone: That Capital has limits does not mean that it will collapse

by Agon Hamza & Frank RudaPDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

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